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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mini Chase

On Wednesday, I ventured in to Saint John for a job interview in the morning. On the way back through, I decided to stop in at Island Yard, and discovered that the 405 consist today will have 4 engines, CN/IC 2723, 5647, 4721, and one that I couldn't see, because it was behind some tanker cars. I discovered that it was 5709. My plan was to try to catch it on video somewhere, since 4 units on this run is rare.

I ventured home for the day, did some things around the house, and waited for the clearance call on the scanner. At around 4:10pm, just as I opened the door to go outside, I heard what I thought was a train horn. About 30 seconds later, the rumbling started, and the ground felt like it was shaking. Then, through the trees, I could see it going WAY in the distance. I guess I can see the train from around 2km through the trees from my deck. Of course, this only works in the winter time.

So, my plan to hear the clearance, then just catch them out in Rothesay was pretty much wasted. I had to rush and grab my camera and headed out somewhere. Of course, with it being 4:15pm, all the "coming home from work" traffic made it extremely difficult. My plan was to catch it in Hampton, NB, but at the last second, changed course and ventured out to Bloomfield Station Road. I guess luck was on my side, as I arrived about 10 minutes before the train did. All this considering he was ahead of me a short time earlier.

Here's the end result of the chase, CN 405 passing through Bloomfield Station Road, with 154 cars, including 43 potash cars for McCully's in Sussex, NB.

My next plan is to try to get a long distance shot of the train through the trees. Should be interesting.


jddc.trains said...

I like the billowing clouds of snow as the train went by.


Saintjohnrailfan said...

Thanks. I'm starting to become a fan of shooting in the winter time. This is really the first winter that I've been out filming on a regular basis. It's harder to get into certain spots to set up for filming in the winter, but at least the visuals can be good.