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Friday, July 25, 2008

Manic Moncton Marathon

Well, on Wednesday, I decided to make a day trip up to Moncton to see if I could catch a few trains in the area. I borrowed Dave's(nbsrfan) scanner to help me out. I started my trip by Stopping at Berry Mills, just west of Moncton around 9am. I was hoping to get a glimpse of CN 305 heading west. It usually leaves around 10am. I got my camera out with my tripod to get set up. About 5 minutes after I got everything set up, I heard the rumbling of the engines coming down the tracks. It caught me off guard a little bit, but I was still able to get the video.

After CN rolled by, I stuck around Berry Mills until around noon. After this, I stopped to grab a coffee and made my way to Memramcook. I waited about 90 minutes, then CN 407 came rumbling by at around 1:50pm.

I decided to stick around Memramcook to catch the VIA heading by from Halifax. I parked and sat next to the signals near the tracks. At around 4pm, the east facing signals turned green, which meant that the VIA was due shortly. About 55 minutes later, VIA finally rolled by. Usually when it's a CN Train, the light is only green for 5 minutes before the train rolls by. Since I had to wait that extra 55 minutes, I think that I missed CN 308 coming back to Moncton. Here's the VIA video.

Once the VIA rolled by, I decided to head back to Berry Mills. There's was not much action around there, but I did catch the VIA making it's way north after stopping at Moncton. The time was around 5:50pm. Here's the video:

After a little bit of supper, at around 7:30pm, I went out to Painsec Junction and waited to catch CN 408 making it's way to Halifax. I had the scanner with me, but nothing was getting picked up. Around 8pm, I was getting tired, so I decided to head into Moncton to go to the Gort Yard. I tried to maintain visibility of the tracks, so I went to Salisbury Road. I turned down Edinburgh Drive to head to Gort. As I was going through the crossing, I noticed "green over red" facing west. Sure enough, I looked the other way, and saw the train coming up to the crossing. By the time I was able to pull into the closest lot, the signals started, so I guess It was decided that I had to shoot this video the old fashined way(tripodless). Here's the video of CN 408:

Well, after that video, it was time to head home. I was a little upset about the last video, but I'm glad that I still was able to get five videos. It's definately worth doing again sometime soon!


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Thursday, July 17, 2008

First Post

Well, here's my first post in my new railway blog. As time comes, I'm going to be adding videos, pictures, etc.

Stay tuned, it's going to get crazy in here!