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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Short McGivney Trip

The next month is going to be busy for, so I decided on my day off from work to make a quick little jaunt up to McGivney, NB, to try to catch a few trains. I arrived at around 5am to find a green/red signal, which meant CN 121 was due. About 90 minutes later, at around 6:30am, CN 121 came barelling through with 157 cars.

I decided to hang around for a bit. After discussions with one of the foreman which works at that location, I decided it's probably best to head back to Saint John. As of 11am, there was no sign of CN 305, and both signals showed red.

Just as I was arriving home, I heard CN 405 receive it's clearance from the RTC. As Wednesday's train is usually larger, I decided to head out to film it. I guess since I couldn't catch 305, I might as well catch 405. I parked at Hampton, in the usual spot. At around 3:20pm, CN 405 came through with 107 cars.

That was all for the day. Not bad for a day off.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Layout

Well, I decided to change the layout a little bit. A change was needed. I just need to work with tweaking the background stuff now, and I'll be all set.

CN 120 In The Dark

I had to make a quick trip to PEI this morning. I managed to catch CN 120 in a couple of locations

Memramcook, NB, at around 5AM

Nappan, NS, at around 6AM



Monday, April 6, 2009

Train In The Fog

Here's a video that I shot on Saturday, April 4 of CN 405 through Rothesay, NB in the fog. There actually wasn't any fog at all when I arrived, but it slowly came in from the water.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moncton Adventure

Last week, I had made a stop in Moncton, on my way back home from PEI. Here's the posting that I did to the Yahoo Group that I'm a member of:

Well, I decided to hit the road from PEI nice and early, and I arrived in Moncton around 3:30am. When I arrived at Gort, I discovered CN 121 in the yard, but no sign of 120. After some scanner discussion, I found out that 121 was waiting for 120 to arrive. 121 had some cars on the mainline, and they had to enter onto the mainline, then back up to attach to their train.

CN 121 departed with 2587, 5519 & 8874 (I could be wrong with the first two units) at around 5:30am, as I caught them going through Berry Mills. I didn't get the car count, but from scanner talk, it sounded like they said 180 cars, but I could be wrong.

At around 6:30am, CN 120 passed through Marsh Junction with 5772, 5757 & 2229, hauling 7500+ feet of train (109 cars, I think).

Shortly there after, CN 305 departed the yard at around 7:30am, with 2534, 5249(I think), 9462(I think) & what looked like 4716. I managed to catch this at Berry Mills.

It was pretty quiet for most of the morning. After hanging out with Tim Dryden for most of the morning, we went our separate ways. At around 12:30pm, I overheard on the scanner that CN 407 was roughly around mile 69 on the Springhill Sub, so I decided to venture out to Memramcook to catch it. At around 1:15pm, CN 407 rolled by with 5629 & 2670.

After this, I decided to venture back to Saint John. As I was making my way near Sussex, I overheard on the scanner what sounded like CN 405. Sure enough, I back tracked down to McCully's, and I found CN 405 coming out of the siding at McCullys. It looked as if it dropped a fair share of potash cars off. Shortly after, CN 405 rolled by with 5560 & 2674.

I knew that there wouldn't be anything after that, so I decided to finish the journey home. I think it turned out rather well.