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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post Judgement Day In Moncton -- Part 2

After arriving back in to Moncton, I found that CN 121 was still in Moncton, due to problems with their DPU. It worked out that they were stuck long enough for it be daylight for a decent shot. I set up at the usual location (Berry Mills), and waited, and around 7:30AM AST, CN 121 came through, almost two and a half hours after actually being ready to leave.

I went back to the yard in Moncton. While sitting there listening in, I saw the Indonesian export units being shunted around the yard.

At around 9AM, CN 305 was due on their train. After another quick stop at Tim Hortons, I went back out to Berry Mills and waited for about 20 minutes. Shortly after 10AM, CN 305 came through with a surprise at the tail end.

The "RM80-UHR Ballast Cleaner" was at the very tail end of the train. This car had been working near Halifax, for a week or so prior, but nobody really knew it's known whereabouts up until this point.

After 305 came and went, another fellow railfan joined me for a bit...

Part 3 to follow.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Post Judgement Day In Moncton - Part 1

Seeing that I survived the so called "Judgement Day" on Saturday, I decided to celebrate by heading up to Moncton, NB on Sunday to do some railfanning.

I arrived around 4am. Both CN 120 and CN 121 were still in the Yard. CN 121 was ready to depart around 5am, but they were having problems with their DPU, which somewhat helped me in a way. Also around that time, CN 120 had called the RTC saying they were ready to leave heading eastward to Halifax. I decided to head out to Memramcook to set up shot.

At around 05:50AST, CN 120 cruised through, with a smaller than normal train.

After they went by, it was around 6am. CN 121 was still having problem and were talking to the Diesel Doc about the situation.

Part 2 to follow soon....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Camera, Long Train

Well, this week, I bought a new camera. I bought it at Future Shop and it worked out to be a good deal, as it was an upgrade to the one that I was looking at getting. As well, it was somewhere along the lines of 40% off the regular price, because they were using it as one of their sample cameras. It still has the one year warranty, as if it was brand new. So far, so good.

So now I have my Panasonic one that I'm looking to sell. It wasn't a bad camera, I just wanted something that would work better in low lighting areas.

Anyway, I decided on Saturday morning to test the camera out at McGivney, NB. I didn't stick around very long. I only caught one train, CN 121. I'm thrilled with the results with the camera, and I'm already finding it to be a better camera than my other one.