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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post Judgement Day In Moncton -- Part 2

After arriving back in to Moncton, I found that CN 121 was still in Moncton, due to problems with their DPU. It worked out that they were stuck long enough for it be daylight for a decent shot. I set up at the usual location (Berry Mills), and waited, and around 7:30AM AST, CN 121 came through, almost two and a half hours after actually being ready to leave.

I went back to the yard in Moncton. While sitting there listening in, I saw the Indonesian export units being shunted around the yard.

At around 9AM, CN 305 was due on their train. After another quick stop at Tim Hortons, I went back out to Berry Mills and waited for about 20 minutes. Shortly after 10AM, CN 305 came through with a surprise at the tail end.

The "RM80-UHR Ballast Cleaner" was at the very tail end of the train. This car had been working near Halifax, for a week or so prior, but nobody really knew it's known whereabouts up until this point.

After 305 came and went, another fellow railfan joined me for a bit...

Part 3 to follow.

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