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Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Camera, Long Train

Well, this week, I bought a new camera. I bought it at Future Shop and it worked out to be a good deal, as it was an upgrade to the one that I was looking at getting. As well, it was somewhere along the lines of 40% off the regular price, because they were using it as one of their sample cameras. It still has the one year warranty, as if it was brand new. So far, so good.

So now I have my Panasonic one that I'm looking to sell. It wasn't a bad camera, I just wanted something that would work better in low lighting areas.

Anyway, I decided on Saturday morning to test the camera out at McGivney, NB. I didn't stick around very long. I only caught one train, CN 121. I'm thrilled with the results with the camera, and I'm already finding it to be a better camera than my other one.


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