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Sunday, November 25, 2012

CN 2223 on a Sunny Afternoon

On Saturday the 17th, I was finishing up work for the day, not planning on really catching any trains. However, when I found out the daily westbound was 4 units and 8700 feet, I decided to head out to catch it.

Here's the daily westbound, mile 78 of the Sussex Subdivision, in Rothesay.

I'm not a fan of the shot, because of the shadows, but at the same time, there was enough of an opening along the tree line to have the sun shine on the lead engine.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Moment In McGivney

I decided to head to McGivney, NB this past Sunday, as it was about a year and a half since I had last been there.

I made it to McGivney around 6am, to discover a green/red signal facing east, so I knew 121 would be around soon. At around 645am, CN 121 came barreling through, with a short train (or at least it was, by 121's standards).

After they went by, there was a delay between the next train (as per usual). A special thanks to a few railfans who were out and about in Moncton, gave me the heads up on 305's departure time. There was also a CN 474 out and about along the line, heading east. I heard the RTC say that 474 was going to meet 305 at McGivney. Well, wasn't that a coincidence. At around 11:40am, a small 474 took the siding. About 20 minutes later, roughly at noon, CN 305, aka, the beast, came rumbling through, with six units at the head end, plus DPU'ed.

A few minutes later, CN 474 exits the siding and continues eastward to Moncton.

After they departed, I could still hear CN 305 pounding through the woods for 20 minutes. It's quite the sound.

After that, I called it a day and ventured back home. En route, I manged to catch CN 406 to Saint John. I filmed it, but the shot didn't really turn out, so I won't bother uploading it. Looks like you can see the upgrades/work being done to lengthen the siding at McGivney.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Chase Along The McAdam Sub

A few weeks ago, myself and a couple of railfans from Moncton, NB decided to chase the daily New Brunswick Southern Railway westbound freight.

Here's my first shot of them, a few minutes after leaving Saint John, NB:

That was my only shot that I used Picture in Picture for. Because of that, I combined the rest of the chase into one video. Shots are from Welsford, Hoyt, Vespra, Harvey Station, and the last shot at the McAdam station.

It's been a few years since I've done a chase to that magnitude. Now with more daylight trains being run along this line, I need to try and do this more often.