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Monday, May 23, 2011

Post Judgement Day In Moncton - Part 1

Seeing that I survived the so called "Judgement Day" on Saturday, I decided to celebrate by heading up to Moncton, NB on Sunday to do some railfanning.

I arrived around 4am. Both CN 120 and CN 121 were still in the Yard. CN 121 was ready to depart around 5am, but they were having problems with their DPU, which somewhat helped me in a way. Also around that time, CN 120 had called the RTC saying they were ready to leave heading eastward to Halifax. I decided to head out to Memramcook to set up shot.

At around 05:50AST, CN 120 cruised through, with a smaller than normal train.

After they went by, it was around 6am. CN 121 was still having problem and were talking to the Diesel Doc about the situation.

Part 2 to follow soon....

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