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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Short McGivney Trip

The next month is going to be busy for, so I decided on my day off from work to make a quick little jaunt up to McGivney, NB, to try to catch a few trains. I arrived at around 5am to find a green/red signal, which meant CN 121 was due. About 90 minutes later, at around 6:30am, CN 121 came barelling through with 157 cars.

I decided to hang around for a bit. After discussions with one of the foreman which works at that location, I decided it's probably best to head back to Saint John. As of 11am, there was no sign of CN 305, and both signals showed red.

Just as I was arriving home, I heard CN 405 receive it's clearance from the RTC. As Wednesday's train is usually larger, I decided to head out to film it. I guess since I couldn't catch 305, I might as well catch 405. I parked at Hampton, in the usual spot. At around 3:20pm, CN 405 came through with 107 cars.

That was all for the day. Not bad for a day off.

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