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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Disappointment in McGivney

On Monday, Myself and Dave(nbsrfan) ventured up to McGivney for a few hours to see what we could see. We arrived at about 6:00am to find the signals were red over red. We assumed that CN 121 hadn't been through yet. We waited until about 8:30am, where one of the maintenance crew informed us that 121 was just getting in to Edmundston. This would have put it through our location at about 4 or 4:30am. Bummer.

At this time, we were also informed that CN 305 departed Moncton. We decided to wait it out. About 2 hours later, at 10:30am, CN 305 passed through with a rather short train, only 61 cars. CN 5740 & 2702 powered the load.

Afterwards, we went back to Saint John. After dropping Dave off, I decided to venture out near Rothesay, as I figured CN 405 had not departed Saint John. After a little wait, CN 405 makes it's way near the old Rothesay Train station with 2723 & 2620 for power.

Based on my expectations, it was a disappointing day. However, I guess I should be thankful that Dave and myself had caught something.

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Train Geek said...

It seems that everyone is disappointed in McGivney once or twice. :P