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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Great White North

On Saturday, my girlfriend had to go to Fredericton for a few hours, so I decided to go with her, drop her off, and head up to McGivney. -25C weather isn't going to hold me back! When I arrived, this is what I saw:

Just for the record, the train wasn't moving in this photo. From what I could make out of the talk on the Scanner, the BC Rail unit stopped working, and the train didn't have enough power to haul the entire train. The 305 crew had to cut 40 cars off the train and leave it in the McGivney siding. The story is explained in the video:

Once 305 left, that was pretty much it for the time being. Of course, ala traingeek, I shot a hi-rail truck with Tim at the wheel.

I was informed that 120 would be along shortly, as it was only 45 minutes west of McGinvey. However, my time ran out, so I most likely missed it by about 10 or 15 minutes. A pretty good day though.


Lob Eng said...

You really have a liking to train don't you? Great ideographic though.

Train Geek said...

A la me? I like it.