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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moncton Part 2 (Kind Of)

It's funny, I don't even feel like posting the second part of the day in Moncton. Yeah, I know, that's what a blog is for. I think if you've seen the videos already, you know how it went.

But to newer news. I had to go in to Saint John on Tuesday to work for the day. I noticed that sitting in Island Yard was an old friend to CN 405/406, an SD70M-2 8000 series unit, 8020, to be more precise. I had a quick coffee break around 2:45pm and noticed they were coupled up to their train. I waited around in town, but they never departed (I didn't have my scanner with me). So I went back to work until around 3:30, then I went home. I had no idea if they had left yet or not. After about 15 minutes at home, I heard the blow of the loud horn in Quispamsis (I somehow missed it blowing for the 3 crossings in Rothesay). I quick jump in the car, I raced to Hampton, barely making it on time for this shot:

I had no time to set up the tripod. It was nice to see that K5LLA horn in person again. Hope it sticks around for a little longer.

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