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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rail Weekend

I decided to venture out and do a little bit of railfanning this weekend, since I won't be able to do very much of it during the week for the next few weeks.


Anyway, I ventured into Saint John on Saturday morning to see what was going on, rail wise. I met up with Dave for a few hours, and we chatted about odds and ends, mostly rail related things. While in the city, I snapped a few pictures.

As Dave and I chatted, I noticed the local getting ready to head over, so I decided to get my camera out and grab a video.

Afterwards, I noticed the CN crew getting into the shop to get ready for their 405 run. I didn't bother sticking around. At around 1:40pm, Dave and I went our seperate ways. I decided to head home to Rothesay. Knowing that I could hear the clearance call from my house, I had no worries about missing it.

At around 4:45pm, 3 hours later, the RTC finally gave their clearance for 405. Knowing that it was getting dark, I decided to venture over near the Rothesay train station to catch a shot of CN 405. The lighting was crap, but I can't control those things.

CN 405 passed with an IC2700, 5349 and 2567 with a rather large train, especially for a Saturday. Here's the video of the Local and CN 405 on my "Super Saturday".


Sunday was a rather quiet day. I decided to stay at home and get stuff done around the house, while keeping the scanner close by. At about 2:50pm, CN 405 got their clearance from the RTC. I knew that I wanted to try and get the shot at someplace different. I decided to head over to the Hammonds River bridge, since it was actually still light outside.

I arrived at my location. It's a nice spot just off the Hampton road. You can walk right down near the water. About half an hour after I set up, CN 405 came through, with the same power as Saturday.

The weekend turned out rather well.

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