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Friday, July 9, 2010

Northern New Brunswick With Alot Of Heat

On Wednesday, myself and Dave Dineen (nbsrfan) ventured up to the Grand Falls/Edmundston, NB area to railfan. At the peak of the day, it was 43 degrees celcius with the humidex. With plenty of liquids and a car with an AC, we were ready.

We arrived in the area shortly before 6:30am to find red/red signals at the Ennishore siding. We ventured in to grab some, McDonalds. We went back and waited. At around 9am, the signals finally changed to green/red, indicating 121 was on it's way. We both decided to do something different. I went for a more scenic shot with my video, shoot back towards the train, on an uphill slope facing down. It turned out great, I think.

Dave had borrowed my other camera to do work with picture in picture. Here's his video:

He did a really great job with the picture in picture set up!

The day was just beginning, and so was the heat!

Part 2 later.

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sEy said...

the loads look heavy but they look great!