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Monday, July 12, 2010

Grand Falls In The Heat - Part 2

After catching 121, we decided to head towards Edmundston, to catch them after the crew change. In most circumstances, the crew change is pretty quick, but for some reason, they were taking awhile. About 90 minutes after arriving in Edmundston, they depart, and pass by mile 5.78 of CN's Pelletier Sub.

We knew that CN 308 was ordered in Edmundston for about 2pm. As they were ready to leave, they were told they would be meeting CN 305 in the siding at Saint Leonard. The siding in Saint Leonard is the longest siding on the Napadogan Sub, at around 9200 feet. Unfortunately, it's only about 25 miles outside Edmundston, meaning that if trains are forced to meet there, then one train can't really leave Edmundston until the other train is close. Anyway, there's a private crossing at the siding. We set up shop, and a short time later, the meet took place.

We decided to venture further down the line to catch 308 one more time before heading home. We settled for a crossing just outside of Plaster Rock, NB, mile 161.75 on the Napadogan Sub. About an hour later, it finally showed up. Because of the extreme heat, it was forced to a speed restriction.

After that, we decided to venture home. It was quite a long day...12 hours in 43 degree celcuis heat was enough.

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Eric said...

Nice footage of that meet, Matt. Always neat to see those ex-CN CSLX low-numbered pneumatic cement cars.