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Monday, June 28, 2010

CN Safety Day

On Saturday, I was up in Moncton, NB attending the annual CN Safety day, at Gordon Yard. It was a great time, and I was able to talk to some great people while I was there.

Of course, while in Moncton, I managed to catch a few trains as well.

The first train was CN 120:

Next up, CN 305 leaving Moncton, with a DPU as well:

Finally, shorty after the safety day completed, a westbound CN 407 heads through Moncton's west side on it's way to Gordon Yard, with a rather long train.

It was a great day overall. I missed a few trains, but the quality of the ones that I caught made the trip worth it.


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sEy said...

Matt, I like the pictures. It would be such a great effort to take pictures and especially if your subject was a moving object.

I agree that your trip was really worth it!