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Thursday, June 10, 2010

406 With Some Advanced Editing

After arriving home from work, I descovered that the eastbound (CN 406) hadn't left Saint John yet. I waited until they called the RTC to depart, and I decided to venture out.

CN 406 heads by with CN 2202 & CN 5718, hauling 92 cars.

I ran the video through some extra editing. It's relatively bright. The original raw file looked pretty dull, so I think this is somewhat of an improvement over the original quality.



Yhel said...

Cool page and blog :)

Eric said...

Matt, that's a nice 406 video, considering it's on the shadow side of the train. An interesting mix of double stacks, woodchip cars, IC hoppers and general freight. No doubt some of those cars will be passing by here on the Kingston Sub. Liked the wildflowers, lupins and all.

Gotham said...

thats a really nice video considering that a train is passing on the other side, i really liked the scene where the video has been made