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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Railfanning in Moncton, NB

I decided to venture up to Moncton on Sunday to catch a few trains in the morning.

When I arrived in Moncton at around 3:00AM, CN 120 was sitting on the mainline at Lutesville west, waiting for CN 121 to hook on to their train and back up. Once completed, CN 120 entered the yard. A short time later, CN 121 departed Moncton, en route to Toronto, with IC 2703 at the head end.

After some work in the yard, and a crew change, CN 120 was on it's way again, towards it's final destination of Halifax, NS. I decided to venture out to a couple of locations to catch it.

First, at around 5:30AM, 120 heads through a private crossing in Dorchester, NB.

I got ahead of it and shot it at Maccan, NS.

Afterwards, I made a quick stop to fuel up. When I arrived back in Moncton, I discovered that CN 305 was hooked on to their train and was about to do a roll by inspection. I dashed out to Berry Mills, and shot 305 shortly after 8AM.

Not knowing what else there would be, or what the times would be, I decided to call it quits and ventured back home.


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Eric said...

I liked that 305 video, Matt. Pause allowed me to see individual car numbers, including those three low-numbered CSLX cement cars near the tailend. Thanks for posting,