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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Bunch Of CN 406's

Here are a few (5) shots of CN 406 that I have shot in 2010 so far. These ones were, for some reason, set on the backburner and forgotten about. I decided to put them all together into one video.

Have a great Sunday.



sEy said...

hey, I love taking pictures too, though I am not god at it, but at least I'm trying. Can you give me some tips?

If you have the chance you can visit my blog and rate some of the photos I took myself. Yay, hope the're fine

Here is a link so that you can visit if you have time.

Levonne said...

congratulations on being a blog of note! Come visit

Rain Barrel dot CA said...

wow, very cool site! I've sat and watched trains but never considered filming them ~jack at

The villager: said...

The railways is always a good topic.

Matt said...

Rail Barrel - That was my way of thinking as well. I've always been a fan of the railway, and it never really dawned on me until early 2008 that it would be interesting to actually film them.

sEy - You have an interesting blog. I sent you an email.

Levonne - Great blog! You have some awesome pictures! I've added myself so that I can follow your blog.

The villager: There always seems to be so much going on with the railways, that it always seems to make for a good topic of conversation. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Eagle said...

Cool shots! :)