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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halifax Trip - Part 1

Well, I was up nice and early on Saturday morning. I was ready to hit the road by 8am. My plan was to stop somewhere along the Springhill Sub line between Moncton and Amherst, so I could catch 407 on the way back to Moncton.

I first stopped at Memramcook. Not much going on there, so I headed towards Sackville via Dorchester, since I hadn't been that way before. Dorchester was a nice spot, as there was a few crossings.

At around noon, I headed in to Sackville, and parked myself at a dead road where the tide and the old bridge is located. It's a great spot to catch a train coming around the corner from Amherst and passing through the Trench. I waited, and waited, and waited. At 2:30pm, I decided just to head off to Halifax. Turns out that 407 did not leave Dartmouth until around 9:30am(about 3 hours late). This would have put it in Amherst sometime after 3pm. I wanted to get to Halifax, so 2:30pm was my limit.

Once arriving in Halifax(Bedford, to me more exact), I unpacked, and made my way to the Bedford Irving, where a few local railfans hang out to catch CN 121 depart from Rockingham yard. I decided to shoot CN 121 passing the Irving. The time was around 8:40pm. Although it was dark, I had to make the best of the situation. Here's the video:

Afterwards, myself and around 6 other railfans went out for coffee. It turned out to be a great first night. Although I only managed to get one video, my weekend was just beginning.

Part 2 later on!


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