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Friday, August 10, 2012

BCOL "Cowl" Catch

Another gap between posts. Sorry about that.

Yesterday, Thursday, I found out that a BCOL "Cowl" unit would be leading the daily eastbound (406), so I decided to head out to catch it.

I set up shop, near the usual location. Here's my shot of the train, BCOL 4612 and CN 2619 lead the eastbound through Rothesay, NB, mile 78 of the CN Sussex Subdivision.

Enjoy the video, more updates to come...hopefully.


1 comment:

Eric said...

Another hi-res beauty, Matt. A HUGE number of tank cars, but some cool covered hoppers near the end. I saw a BCOL cowl here within the last week thru Kingston.

Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming,