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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good Week For Railfanning

The start of this week was a good week for railfanning. On Labor Day Monday, I met up with Dave, as we decided to catch CN 406 Westbound. They had CN 9591 and CN 5751 for power.

Later on that evening, I decided to meet up with Dave again, and we caught a very late New Brunswick Southern Railway westbound. It had 3 HCLX (Ex Union Pacific) units, and a Maine Northern 9801 unit (Used to be NBSR 9801). We shot them outside of Saint John, NB at around 11:20PM.

On Tuesday, I found out that CN 406 westbound was another good size train. I decided to venture to Renforth, NB. I've been wanting to shoot there for a while, and finally had the chance to. Shortly after 2pm, CN 406 is westbound through Renforth, NB, a few miles outside of Saint John, with three units and 113 cars.

The two CN trains were shot using picture in picture, with two camera. Both shots turned out decent. A pretty good start to the week, train wise.


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