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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Rainy Saturday In Moncton, NB

Here's the happenings of my trip to Moncton on Saturday, December 4th.

I arrived in Moncton at around 5am. I knew that 120 was going to be after midnight departing Edmundston, and I knew that sometime after midnight, a CN 473 had departed Moncton with 5340 & 2644 for power. CN 121 was nowhere to be seen in the yard, so I'm guessing they were small enough to squeeze in a siding somewhere to meet 120. I was guessing on an arrival time for 120 to be between 5 and 6am. The later it got, the better chance for a day shot. Finally, at around 8:45 AST, 120 came flying by Berry Mills with CN 8866, BCOL 4647 and CN 8851 in DPU mode.

A waiting for another 90 minutes or so, CN 305 came through Berry Mills at around 10:20 AST (I think) with CN 8830, CN 5660, CN 5531 & DPU CN 2298, hauling around 9200 feet of train. Tim Dryden and Phil Ross stopped for a visit to watch the train roll by.

I decided to head out to Painsec to catch 120 roll by. At around 11:20 AST, 120 came through with around 5500 feet. Next up, CN 406 westbound. I was going to shoot them at the main crossing at Salisbury, but I ended up stopping at a friends place for a quick chat. He let me set up for a shot in his yard (Thanks Wendell). Shortly after 13:00AST, CN 406 came rolling by with CN 2446 & CN 5794, hauling a decent size train (still never got around to doing a car count). For the final shot of the day, I decided to catch them through Hampton, NB. They ended up passing through at around 15:15AST.

That was it for the day. I ended up missing CN 121, CN 569, CN 539, and VIA 14. Overall, it was a decent day, even with the rain.

Here's the results of the trip. It's all 5 shot in to 1 video:



David L Macaulay said...

interesting - is this somewhere in Canada?

Saintjohnrailfan said...

It's Moncton, New Brunswick, located in the Eastern part of Canada (The Maritimes).