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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well, on Saturday, I had decided that I wanted to get a shot of NBSR's eastbound train coming in to Saint John. The last day video that I have of NBSR during the day was from August 5, so I figured I was due time to catch another one.

After talking to Steve Boyko, he found out that the eastbound wouldn't be leaving McAdam until around 4pm, which would put it in Saint John by 6ish...drats, another night shot!

After Steve had mentioned this to me, my scanner picked up 405's clearance to head to Moncton. I figured that I might as well try to salvage what I could from the day. I decided to set up my shot in Hampton, since I wanted to pick up the hotbox detector for the video. The only other hotbox on the Sussex Sub is in Petitcodiac, and I didn't feel like driving up there. I set up shop at the dead end of a road. On the other side of the road is the main route to enter Hampton.

About 25 minutes after I arrived, CN 405 came through, with the hotbox going off at the end of the video:

After that, I called it a day and went home. I'm hoping that I can catch another NBSR, at least before Christmas.

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